An Overview of Financial Planners and Financial Plans

CJ Capital offers financial planning and education services. The education portion of our business is primarily delivered through personalized one-on-one meetings with clients, research into topics directed by clients, or through media such as this blog. The financial planning portion of our business is the focus of this article and will be discussed in more Read more about An Overview of Financial Planners and Financial Plans[…]

Understanding Capital Gains Taxes

If you have ever sold a stock that you have made a profit on, you may not have paid an upfront tax, however, when you did your income taxes, you may have realized that you owed the Government money! This tax owed on the sale of a security for profit is known as a Capital Read more about Understanding Capital Gains Taxes[…]

Saving Money with an RESP

Paying for your child’s education will help him or her get a head-start on life, and remove the burden of having to pay for their own education via working and/or student loans. The government of Canada has a special investment vehicle called a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) that combines tax deferrals with eligibility for Read more about Saving Money with an RESP[…]