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Plan for Your Retirement and Lower the Fees on Your Investments

Exponeta Financial offers an innovative ongoing financial planning service to its clients. For the low fee of only $CAD 10.00 per month, active clients are able to request once per month the construction of a retirement financial plan uniquely created for them.

The retirement financial plan includes the following sections:

  1. Budgets created for pre- and post-retirement
  2. Statement of current and future net worth
  3. Income generation and spending over time
  4. Evaluation and discussion of potential portfolio returns
  5. Calculation of required portfolio rate of return and monthly savings rate to reach retirement goals
  6. Discussion and education on selection of exchange traded funds (ETFs) to achieve retirement goals with a minimum lost to fees (see details below)
  7. Portfolio re-balancing instructions to achieve required portfolio rate of return

The Importance of Reducing Fees

On an initial investment of $100,000, over 20 years, you could lose over $200,000 in unnecessary fees!

Exponeta Financial understands that while investors can't control the markets, they can control how much of their returns are lost due to trading and advisory fees. As a result, we are pleased to offer an innovative and low fee financial planning service.

The chart below shows the dramatic impact over time that a high management expense ratio (MER) investment can have on the value of a portfolio. All clients that sign up for our service will learn how to construct a low fee ETF portfolio.

The chart is inclusive of our financial planning service fees.MER Chart