The History of Money – Part IV

So far in this series we have traced the history of money from simple barter systems to commodity money. This article will discuss further advances to the monetary system such as paper money, trade bills, and banknotes. Paper Money The concept of paper money originated in the Song Dynasty in China in the 11th century, Read more about The History of Money – Part IV[…]

Fixed Income Options

In most investing literature, the fixed income component of a portfolio is assumed to take the form of bonds. For accounts that do not possess a sufficient net worth (for example more than $500,000), it is usually difficult to sufficiently diversify across various issuers of bonds, so many investors have turned bond funds for convenience. Read more about Fixed Income Options[…]

Tax Deductibility of Mortgage Interest

The biggest loan most of us will ever have is the mortgage. In the United States, interest on mortgage loans is tax deductible, but in Canada it is not. However, investment loans are tax deductible, and there are ways to take advantage of this. Read on for details… Interest on Investment Loans When the government Read more about Tax Deductibility of Mortgage Interest[…]